Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute

Founded in 1994 in cooperation with the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute (WSCI) was born out of recognition that the state's specialty cheese companies could benefit from coming together to share information, ideas and support. 

The Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute works to promote and support the development of a robust, profitable specialty cheese industry in Wisconsin. We are proud of our state's recognition for producing more than 600 types, styles and varieties of cheese, more than any other state or nation. Today, Wisconsin crafts nearly half of all specialty cheese in the United States.

To accomplish our goals of promoting and supporting our specialty cheese community, the Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute serves our members in the following ways:

  • We work to strengthen the position of Wisconsin specialty cheese companies by identifying new market opportunities and sharing cost-reduction strategies related to operations and distribution.
  • We increase awareness of Wisconsin's specialty cheese industry through marketing, educational and promotional activities.
  • We help individuals interested in crafting specialty cheeses in Wisconsin learn the steps needed to plan, produce and market new specialty products.
  • We serve as a resource for chefs, retailers, distributors and the food media seeking information on Wisconsin's thriving specialty cheese industry and leads to individual cheesemaker members.