WSCI Membership Meeting

May 4, 2018

WSCI Membership Meeting*
Friday, May 4, 2018
Monroe, WI

*Actual meeting "location" has yet to be determined"

The next WSCI Membership meeting is being hosted by the Maple Leaf Team on Friday, May 4. This will include a tour of their newest facility "Cheese Louise" in Monroe. 

Cheese Louise is a cheese conversion company that specializes in smoking and waxing. It was formed by eight partners who are all employees of Maple Leaf Cheesemakers or Alpine Slicing and Cheese Conversion. Their goal is to be the premier specialty cheese smoking and waxing company, with the highest food safety and quality standards. How a cheese looks can be just as important as how it tastes. You make great cheese and they know how to add the perfect finishing touch!

The facility is a 15,000 square foot building that was originally built as a grocery store. It is conveniently located one block from Highway 69 on the south side of Monroe. The production area is completely rebuilt from the ground up using the best practices for food safety. Air handling and hygiene zone systems are used to keep our production area clean and to prevent contamination.

Cheese Louise is an SQF certified facility and only handles cheese product to avoid any possible cross-contamination. They have the ability to wax using red, green, or clear wax. Cheese Louise has two smokehouses that are cooled to prevent damage to your cheese, and they can smoke wheels, five-pound loaves, or other bulk formats. The facility is able to cut traditional five or seven-pound loaves for slicing from forty-pound blocks for smoking. Hickory, Pecan, Apple, Cherry, Mesquite, or Harwood chips can be used to give your cheese a distinct flavor, color, and aroma.

The finished product can be packaged as bulk, or with labels applied, in packs and case labels. Case labels can include weights for random weight items, with a manifest provided for all weights on the pallet. Cheese Louise has a large cooler to cool and store product until it is ready to ship.

Cheese Louise is smokin' for you!

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